About Us


Our friendship started over 10 years ago.

We were introduced at a performance art gig we were working in Los Angeles. We felt immediate kinship! Both of our paths winding together as creative performance artists, entrepreneurs, activists & wild women.

The story from there goes something like this……….

We grew up with a strong relationship to nature, and were both raised with similar Tibetan Buddhist & Hindu belief systems. After many years of cultivating our crafts we felt a deep desire to be more in service to our planet. We bonded backstage over our life long vegetarianism, and our creative passion for mixed medium arts. The vision seed of this retreat was planted on a magical evening of dance and mermaid performance, as we envisioned how we could empower & share our dreams with more like-minded women!

Activism :

The aspect of the mermaid & the temple dancer are ancient archetypes of the divine feminine. We created Remember Atlantis Retreats to teach women how to be empower themselves to use their skills, passion & beauty to tune into embodiment, healing, and be a voice for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.  We believe a ‘Mer-Maid’ is truly a ‘Servant of The Sea’, as the temple dancer is the fully embodied “Water Priestess.” When healing oneself, you heal the world.

We will dive into the sacred arts of temple fusion belly dance & women’s vitality practices. Awaken to your full body’s bliss! Through sacred dance we can access more of our intuition & sensuality. As sovereign sensual women it’s our birthright to feel & express ourselves fully without shame or conformity. 
We are healing & empowering one another to rise up & share our gifts on this planet.

We are committed to Ocean Conservation as part of our mission. Seeing animals diminishing in number around the planet, getting sick from pollution, being slaughtered by humans and fished into extinction is calling the mermaids of the world into action!


Hannah Mermaid
Hannah Bio:


Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid, who creates her own functional yet highly exquisite artistic mermaid tails. Her passion began at an early age when she created her first tail at age 9, and she is rumoured to be the first freelance professional mermaid in the world. Working in film and television for many years, Hannah’s speciality has evolved into underwater mermaid performance. She has featured in short films,music videos, advertising campaigns, photo shoots, environmental docos, large scale events, aquariums, and parties around the globe. She recently appeared in the Oscar award winning film, ‘The Cove’, and stars in an upcoming tv special risking her life to swim with Great White Sharks!Hannah Fraser created the vocation of ‘Freelance Mermaid’ in 2003, and has been featured worldwide for her ocean conservation and underwater performance art, creating spectacular mermaid tails, performing for film, music videos, photo campaigns, public speaking, events & environmental actions. She dances with sharks, whales dolphins, seals, turtles, rays and more in the open ocean, capturing breathtaking imagery of human & animal encounters.

Hannah can hold her breath for up to 5 minutes at a time and free-dive to depths of over 50 feet on a single breath of air. As a committed ocean activist, she has helped inspire laws to be put in place to protect sealife worldwide. Hannah teaches workshops & retreats around the globe, sharing her unique skillset and breath-taking stories from the deep. Hannah is an advocate for ocean protection, female empowerment, animal conservation and universal love!



Aradia Julia Sunseri

aradia sunseri

 Aradia Julia Sunseri is a professional bellydancer & performance artist with over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in the theater, on film and stage. Aradia is the founder of Ritual Movement Arts “Women’s Modern Mystery School” "since 2008 She holds degrees in somatic therapy, yoga Nidra, womb healing, herbalism, tantra & continues pouring her heart & soul into sacred dance, ritual & empowering women through authentic sisterhood.

Aradia’s unique style incorporates Tribal/ Temple fusion belly dance, modern dance, fire dance, ballet, and butoh. Aradia’s art is rooted in  Ayurveda, yoga, somatic dance therapy modalities, ritual & theatrical improvisation. Aradia is a certified Ayurveda, Yoga & Sacred dance practitioner. She sees dance as a key to healing health & embodiment as a holistic spiritual practice. 

Aradia facilitates international retreats, workshops & practical magick e-courses, as well as other events to help women unlock their own birthright of the embodiment, & deepen with their wild women soul connection to this planet & their unique purpose. 



Qualities that mermaids share in service to the waters.

  1. Stewardship: We care for the ocean & our planet, the waters and its creatures, including ourselves

2) Play: We’re here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Conspire with merry makers.

3) Generosity: Although it is enough just to “be,” we often find great joy in what we contribute. Our greatest satisfaction is creating our vision of heaven on earth. To discover and share our gifts is why we are here.

4) Beauty: We’re here to be in awe and wonder of all the beauty that exists and to allow our own beauty to shine.

5) Connection: We are all connected horizontally (3-D) and interdimensionally. The myth of separation creates unnecessary suffering. Remembrance of connection generates joy and compassion. Mysticism is the perception that all of the seemingly separate entities that make up the universe are a unified whole bound together by love.

6) Gratitude: attracts the support of those around us, our ancestors, guardian angels and kindred spirits to fulfill our dreams, and our dreams serve our collective spiritual evolution.

7) Mythic Life: We live by our mythic commitments, not by our emotions which change like the tides. Each circumstantial challenge is an opportunity to remember this context, so that we can choose to respond from our center and intuition

8) Empowerment: The more we choose to take on responsibility for how our lives mirror our souls, the more powerful we are. Blame is not authentic, nor is giving our power away. The more we honor our word, the more we generate trust -- and the more we trust, the more we experience freedom and power to manifest reality. Face everything -- avoid nothing.

 9) Mysticism: We are in awe of the mystery and our place in the magic of the universe. So much cannot be understood with our limited science and mental processes. Therefore, so much is available to be discovered. Follow synchronicities, dreamtime symbols, and connect the dots.

~ Written by Mermaid Vyana